Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders-USA CU Chapter formed a partnership with Village Makeover in 2013 to bring clean potable water to Cyanika. The Rwanda team is comprised of roughly 40 students.

EWB-USA CU Rwanda program assessed the area called Cyanika in 2013 and determined that in this rural community clean water access stood as a critical need for health and economic development. Cyanika's population consists of nearly 7,000 households or approximately 37,000 residents and there are only seven residential locations with running water, which serve eight families. As a result in the summer of 2014 EWB-USA CU Rwanda program implemented free-standing rainwater catchment systems outfitted with a first flush system and designed with a purification system. This program also included community education, maintenance tutorials, disbursement methods, and village economics.

Community engagement was essential to the success of this project and the community demonstrated their willingness to engage and take ownership from the very beginning. In each of the villages where the water systems were installed a five member committee was formed and specific job descriptions were clearly defined. The final accountability will be to the Community Vision Board. The Community Vision Board has oversight of all projects in Cyanika. Monthly reports will be submitted to Village Makeover and EWBUSA CU Rwanda program.