Economic Development

Poverty is hunger.  Poverty is pervasive poor health and early death.  Poverty is the loss of childhood.

Village Makeover’s vision for Cyanika is to address the inequities that exist there, to create an environment where the people’s growth is in self-reliance, and to create vehicles for economic growth that will impact their everyday life by increasing their standard of living.

The people are ready to do their part.  With all our projects that are profit driven the people themselves are the key initiators of the projects.  We do not believe it is given to us to make decisions for their community, to come in and tell them what they need.  We instead listen and then work out from there to help with training and resourcing.

Their greatest need was in the area of their greatest asset, agriculture.

The following was taken from an article by the DFID Department for International Development:

Three quarters of the worlds poorest people -- the 1.2 billion who live on less than one dollar a day -- live in rural areas. One way or another their livelihoods depend on agriculture. Poor people have limited assets -- human, social, physical, financial and natural -- and if economic growth is to benefit them it must raise the returns to those few assets they hold.

Agriculture has performed well in the past in benefiting the poor. All recorded rapid reductions in widespread poverty started with livelihoods being enhanced through agricultural transformation. Agricultural growth can and does reduce poverty and inequality.