Our work is in Cyanika, located in the Northern Province of Rwanda and in the District of Burera. Cyanika is considered a Sector and within that, there are six cells and 52 villages. In their native language of Kinyarwanda the villages are known as “umudugudus”. The population is roughly 37,000.


This is a volcanic area. Volcanic soils are very fertile because they are rich in minerals brought up from below the earth. This soil has not been affected by erosion or other plants using the minerals. About 90% of people in this sector are involved in some sort of farming activity.


The climate in Cyanika is temperate with two rainy seasons (February to April/May, November to January).


We have worked in Cyanika since 2007. Our focus has been Community & Economic Development. Our work includes farming and livestock, both of which have an economic component, we have addressed the need for safe housing and clean water. We did a pilot garden program at the school focusing on food security and food diversity. Our goal is to advance the garden project into the community and have an economic component to that as well.


The people in Cyanika are our partners. They have engaged at every level with our projects. We collaborate with them, we do not feel it is given to us to determine what they need as a community; they are capable of doing that for themselves. Mostly they need training in new techniques and help with funding projects. They give back in-kind with land, labor, finances when able and a solid commitment to seeing projects completed and well managed once completed.

Cyanika, Rwanda