2nd DLS is Built!

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Economic Well-being Increases with Completion of Second DLS!

With funding assistance from The Rotary Club of Boulder Valley and The Rotary Club of Kigali Virunga our second Diffused Light Storehouse (DLS) was completed in May of 2015! The Boulder Valley Club supplied the funds needed and the Rotary Club of Kigali Virunga members helped in the monitoring the project, disburse funds and monitor the use of funds.

There was a co-operative established for the community “Rebakure Muhinzi”. Apart from this there was a Diffused Light shed constructed which is 60 by 40 ft. As it was important to use the local manpower and the goods available locally, this DLS was made up of bricks, with the roof of 82 iron-sheets including 2 light sheets. The DLS shed has 4 parallel lines with seed beds inside, made of poles and timbers on two different levels each having two levels of storage. In all the total shed is expected to have a capacity of holding about 20 tons of Potato seeds. Care is taken to have necessary cross ventilation and the light emitting plastic sheets would provide the necessary light in the right quantity for the seeds to germinate in time for the next production cycle.

Apart from this, this shed also has a small office room which could be used by the community for book keeping and record purposes.

Diffused Light Storehouse

Diffused Light Storehouse

The main beneficiaries of this Project are the farmers belonging to “Rebakure Muhinzi” Cooperative. It will also benefit the overall people leaving in the Cyanika Sector indirectly as improved farming will increase the overall economic activity in the area and contribute to additional incomes. It will also help the direct beneficiaries to also send their kids to school and also improve general well-being.

Our goals for the Project:

  • The Project is designed to help lift local farmers above the subsistence farming level which in turn will help lift the economic status of the entire region
  • To bring together the people and resources needed to form a motivated local Co-operative
  • To train Co-op member farmers in proper use and storage of seed potatoes using “each one teach one” model
  • Use local labor and Rotary oversight to construct a diffuse light storage (DLS) shed needed for proper storage of seed potatoes for improved seed viability
  • To Reduce the Yield gap in Cyanika Sector compared to the national average by providing Good Quality Seed Potatoes, free from diseases