Village Makeover Mission

Potato Farmers with Cyanika Governor
To assist people in a way that creates self-reliance and impacts the quality of everyday life. To listen to the people and then originate projects and/or bring expertise to existing ones that work within the people’s capacity to manage them and replicate them.


Accomplishing the Mission

To accomplish the measurable objectives of our goals we have an indigenous counterpart, Comfort My People, operating in Rwanda who will assess the projects with the following criteria:

  • Is it Relevant – does it impact lives in a substantial way – does it have demonstrable bearing on the people’s lives.
  • Is it Sustainable – are there manageable procedures in place for long-term success.
  • Can it be Replicated – are the projects models for systematic repetition within the community as well as other villages.

Working Together

When working together we first communicate a clear understanding about everyone’s level of engagement, responsibility and commitment to ensure the projects success.

  • Opportunity – what opportunities already exist and how can they be improved – what
    resources are available in the community – what is the people’s ability to engage with the
    project and what are their responsibilities associated with that.
  • Commitment – communicating clearly our commitment to the project – receiving the people’s
    level of willingness to engage in the project followed by their commitment to it.
  • Management – training where necessary so that dedication to the management of the project,
    upon its completion, can be managed by the people themselves.

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